About me

My name is Tony As and I'm a rapper that loves singing, now helping rappers and singers find fans faster with Music Marketing Strategies

I've been making music for the past 20 years, and in the last 3 years specifically, marketing and monetising my music independently.

Now I help rappers and singers:

  • build their brands to stand out from the competition
  • find their audience to connect with the people that love their music
  • Create valuable content to advertise their music
  • engage effectively to convert followers into lifelong fans
  • use ads to magnify and speed up therir growth
  • monetise their music and make some money back

I'm an independent artist that ultimately aims to inspire and entertain as many people as possible. This store contains merchandise products inspired by my music and the marketing services I offer.

Connect with me on social media (@TonyAsOfficial)

You can listen to my music on all major platforms here


Full Biography:

Tony As describes his music as 'a mature sophisticated urban vibe'. Stating he wants people to 'feel what he's saying'- identify with his music whether having experienced or witnessed the themes themselves. A 'rapper that likes singing' influenced by Hiphop, Reggae, with fuses of Afrobeat and RnB. With a love of wordplay and storytelling his lyricism is complimented by a love for melody and harmony, so in addition to the rapping he regularly writes and sings hooks which naturally invite audiences to sing along.

As well as creating music, Tony also tells his story through his "How I'm Living" content, summarised as 'juggling fatherhood and a music career" where (through vlogging & blogging) he documents his journey offering tips and ideas for young fathers and independent artists.

After recently swapping life as a secondary school teacher to become a full time musician he has since self released 4 singles, one of which won song of the week on Riverside Radio, has performed all around London and, successfully had his own headline show in Shoreditch. With roots in Sierra Leone West Africa (where he frequents) he also secured his first television airing of his music video “She Want”.

As well as the satisfaction of creating music Tony As thrives on the live performance, as he puts it; 'being able to look people in the eye and share his story with them whilst witnessing their reactions first hand' is what it's all about. A big part of his performance is engaging the crowd, immersing them in the whole experience and emotion intended behind every song, whether that's laughing, crying or smiling.

​The journey of Tony As started in 2010 though long before that he had initially embraced poetry as a way to express himself, that poetry then evolved into rapping and the rapping into singing. During the journey he has performed at various events and venues throughout the UK from London, Bristol to Manchester all while  working as a full time school teacher. Since 2018 though he left the teaching profession and decided to fully invested in his music career with an ambition to inspire and entertain as many people as possible.

Tony As is comfortable performing with bands and musicians but initially performs just needing one microphone and a backing track. He has recently though recruited his own personal DJ who travels with him to facilitate his performances adding a whole other element to the experience.

The name Tony As means he came 'as' Tony, an approachable and authentic artist who on a day to day basis is a dedicated father and family man, one who having witnessed and experienced many things in life uses his love of creating and performing music to tell his story and in the process, forming real and lasting connections with people along the way.

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